You Do You? part 2 – Why Do You Think You Are?

Self-discovery is a worthwhile pursuit. After all, we are made unique. Discovering the depths of our uniqueness is a good thing, but if self-discovery leads to self-focus, our self-fulfillment greatly suffers. It’s a good thing the Apostle Paul gives us an alternative. July 3, 2022

You Do You? part 1 – Almighty Me

One mantra of our culture is “be true to you.” You do you. What seems like the most authentic thing to do, however, can come at a steep cost. In a story told by Luke, Jesus confronts a close friend—and he doesn’t suggest she listen to her heart. June 26, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 5 – The Church Today

Why are there so many different kinds of churches today? On what subjects do they agree and disagree? What difference does the church make in my community? Why should I engage with my local church? Join us this week as Rich Barrett concludes our series with a very personal message for you and For St. Johns.  May 22, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 4 – Dead Man Walking

If Jesus really is the Son of God, why did he come to live among us? What was the purpose of his life and death? Did he really rise from the dead, or is that just hyperbole? And how can the death of one man pay the debt of everyone’s rebellion? Join us this week as Rich Barrett explores the facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus, and what it means for us today.  May 15, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 3 – What Makes Jesus So Special?

Why does the church make such a big deal about Jesus? Wasn’t he just another good teacher who offers helpful advice for healthy living? Join us this week as Justin Smith explores the claims Jesus made about himself, and how those claims force us to decide about Jesus… and good teacher isn’t one of the options. May 8, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 2 – Is God Still A Thing?

Is belief in God even necessary in the modern age? Now that science has answered so many of our biggest questions? Do we even need God? Maybe it’s time to face a new reality, and leave God in the past. Join us this week as Rich Barrett explores evidence for the existence of God, and whether such a concept is still helpful. May 1, 2022