He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands: Where Can I Find Hope?

How are we supposed to remain hopeful in a hopelessly broken world? We want to be hopeful, but when relationships sour, stock prices tumble, dreams disappear, and plans crumble, hope can be hard to come by. In a world without guarantees, hope can be a dangerous thing. But what if the tension we feel is the result of putting our hope in the wrong things? What if God has a different plan for us—a plan built on his unfailing love? May 10, 2020

He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands: Nothing New

Uncertainty. As a society, we live in a world of uncertainty. Uncertain social conditions. Uncertain economic times. Uncertain global developments. Yet uncertainty is nothing new. The characters in the Bible experienced wildly fluctuating levels of uncertainty . . . often feeling as if life was moving backwards, getting worse. And the questions remain the same. Where’s God? Is he going to show up? Is he still in control? May 3, 2020

He’s Still Got the Whole World In His Hands: Pray Until The Peace Comes

In the previous session, we said that God is at work even in uncertain times. It is good to know that he is working, but what should we be doing? How should we live in the midst of uncertainty? How can we keep from being overwhelmed by the fears and insecurities that often go hand in hand with uncertainty? God has a plan, and his plan is to replace our anxieties with peace. April 26, 2020

He’s Still Got The Whole World In His Hands: God Is Great, God Is Good

Life is full of uncertainties; ups and downs that can impact our jobs, our finances, even our relationships. For many of us today, debt, stress, and uncertainty are ruling our lives. And in the midst of this mess, we often find ourselves wondering, “Where is God?” Is it possible to maintain faith in God when there is no evidence of his activity in our lives? In “Nothing New,” Rich Barrett reminds us that it is during these darkest times that God may be doing his greatest work.

Ninety: All Show No Go

Do you think it’s possible for the creator of the universe to have a bad day? We continue to examine the life of Jesus for 90 days, and today we see Jesus behaving unusually. But, if we pay close attention, we can learn a lot about the heart of God from this story. March 8, 2020