Reason and Faith, part 5 – The Church Today

Why are there so many different kinds of churches today? On what subjects do they agree and disagree? What difference does the church make in my community? Why should I engage with my local church? Join us this week as Rich Barrett concludes our series with a very personal message for you and For St. Johns.  May 22, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 4 – Dead Man Walking

If Jesus really is the Son of God, why did he come to live among us? What was the purpose of his life and death? Did he really rise from the dead, or is that just hyperbole? And how can the death of one man pay the debt of everyone’s rebellion? Join us this week as Rich Barrett explores the facts surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus, and what it means for us today.  May 15, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 3 – What Makes Jesus So Special?

Why does the church make such a big deal about Jesus? Wasn’t he just another good teacher who offers helpful advice for healthy living? Join us this week as Justin Smith explores the claims Jesus made about himself, and how those claims force us to decide about Jesus… and good teacher isn’t one of the options. May 8, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 2 – Is God Still A Thing?

Is belief in God even necessary in the modern age? Now that science has answered so many of our biggest questions? Do we even need God? Maybe it’s time to face a new reality, and leave God in the past. Join us this week as Rich Barrett explores evidence for the existence of God, and whether such a concept is still helpful. May 1, 2022

Reason and Faith, part 1 – Holy Book, Reliable Manuscripts, or Both?

What do we mean when we say that the Bible is the Word of God? Where did it come from? Why are there so many versions? Is the Bible just a collection of inspirational quotes from prophets and teachers, or is it the final authority for how we should live our lives? Join us this week as Justin Smith restores our confidence in these ancient manuscripts and their relevance in our lives today. April 24, 2022

Easter 2022: The Day No One Believed

When Jesus died, hope died along with him. No one was planning to keep this new movement going, because, after all, it seemed Jesus wasn’t who he claimed to be. Immediately following the crucifixion, there were no Christians, because there was no Christ. But then something happened. April 17, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 6 – Fortune Teller

Many times, our faith deteriorates as our circumstances deteriorate. When that happens, our faith is quickly overcome by fear, and the future looks dark. The apostle Peter experienced this, and he temporarily fled his faith in Jesus. April 3, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 5 – Kingdom Great

Fear invites us to follow the path of self-preservation. However, if we follow that path long enough, we will neither preserve nor have anything to show for our lives. The original disciples of Jesus had the same tendencies at times. On one occasion, Jesus reminded them of what it means to follow him by saying four powerful words that still apply to his followers today. March 27, 2022