Through The Storm, part 1 – Wholehearted

Our culture is emerging from a season of uncertainty, fear, and division. Many of us are exhausted. And as we look ahead, things don’t appear any more certain. From foreign wars to roller-coaster economics, we have much cause for concern. What would it be like to face the storms of life with confidence instead of anxiety? How do some people seem to feel courage when the rest of us experience fear? August 7, 2022

You Do You? part 3 – To Whom Will You Go?

It’s so easy to be a fan of Jesus. After all, he has a lot to give us. But if being a fan of Jesus keeps us from following Jesus, we miss out on the real purpose of his presence. Salvation is free; it costs you nothing. Following Jesus will cost you something. But refusing to follow Jesus will cost you even more… July 10, 2022

You Do You? part 2 – Why Do You Think You Are?

Self-discovery is a worthwhile pursuit. After all, we are made unique. Discovering the depths of our uniqueness is a good thing, but if self-discovery leads to self-focus, our self-fulfillment greatly suffers. It’s a good thing the Apostle Paul gives us an alternative. July 3, 2022

You Do You? part 1 – Almighty Me

One mantra of our culture is “be true to you.” You do you. What seems like the most authentic thing to do, however, can come at a steep cost. In a story told by Luke, Jesus confronts a close friend—and he doesn’t suggest she listen to her heart. June 26, 2022