Everybody Is Included

Most people don’t have a problem with God. After all, plenty of people show up for church on Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately, people do have a problem with the church. For centuries Christians have made Christianity so complex that people simply write it off as irrelevant and confusing. In this message we’ll see how this problem surfaced in the very early days of the church, how they dealt with it then, and how we should deal with it now.

October 19, 2014

On Location :: Road Trip

One of the most challenging arenas in which to be salt and light is the workplace. After all, your boss didn’t hire you to be salt or light. But you are there for a reason. So, a big part of figuring out your purpose for being on this planet is to wrestle with how to leverage your position in the place where you spend most of your waking hours. It just may be one of your greatest opportunities for influence. June 29, 2014

Easter: The Resurrection. It’s Essential

Do unto others. Love is patient, love is kind. Turn the other cheek. It’s easy to appreciate Jesus’ teachings. But then the Bible writers tell us that he rose from the dead. And a man rising from the dead is harder to believe. For some, it’s so hard to believe that they cherry-pick the teachings and refute the resurrection. In this message, Rich Barrett recounts the truth about Jesus’ life and death that Paul says is “of first importance.” April 20, 2014

Going Public

Originally, “baptism” was not a religious concept. Yet over time, baptism has become an exclusively religious idea – one that even rouses deep emotion and controversy. In this message, Andy Stanley unpacks baptism, from its birth with John the Baptist to its modern equivalent. If you are a follower of Christ and baptism is still on your “to-do” list, this message may be the nudge you need to finally go public. January 12, 2014

Think Orange

What if the primary mission of the church is not to help the family, and the number one priority of the family is not to go to church? What if they are both designed to work together to show a generation who God is? Imagine the impact when church and family work together. Rich Barrett leads us to “Think Orange” and rethink the way we approach the spiritual development of our children and teenagers. May 19, 2013.

An Ounce of Prevention

What do our waistlines and our wallets have in common? Our giving habits share a pattern with our health habits. And in both cases, there’s a better option out there. In this message, Rich Barrett will challenge us to adopt a superior habit of giving. The difference we can make by doing so in the year is immeasurable. January 13, 2013.

Stumbling Along

Growth, accountability, belonging, and care happen in Community Groups . . . in circles, not rows. It’s easy to stumble away from faith when you are a nameless person sitting in a row on Sunday morning. But it’s almost impossible to stumble away, or to stay away, when you’re in community, doing life with a group of people. In this message, Rich reminds us that Jesus said stumbling blocks are inevitable. But pity those who fall and have no one to help them up. August 12, 2012