You’re Not The Boss of Me, part 6 – Undercover Boss

When we see someone we care about make bad decisions, we can either confront them about it or hope someone else does. But we should ask ourselves: are we really being kind, or are we letting fear, discomfort, or indifference be the boss of us? July 11, 2021

You’re Not The Boss of Me – Overview

We all monitor our behavior to some degree. This keeps us out of trouble and helps us in our personal and professional relationships. But Jesus invites his followers to take monitoring a step further.

Our emotions don’t have to be the boss. In fact, Christians already have a boss—a better boss than anger, envy, insecurity, guilt, fear, or greed. May 30, 2021

Fight for It, part 3 – Building Resilience into the Next Generation

Resilience has changed throughout the generations. In our culture, the trend for parents is to protect rather than prepare the next generation for adulthood. Our greatest opportunity for leading the next generation is to model and build resiliency muscles in our children. May 23, 2021

Fight For It, part 2 – Dealing With Rejection

Everyone faces rejection. How we handle that rejection can either cripple us or force us to become more resilient. In a critical moment during Jesus’ ministry, his Heavenly father reminded him of something that can help all of us walk through seasons where we feel rejection. May 16, 2021