You’re Not Far, Part 6 – Fortune Teller

Many times, our faith deteriorates as our circumstances deteriorate. When that happens, our faith is quickly overcome by fear, and the future looks dark. The apostle Peter experienced this, and he temporarily fled his faith in Jesus. April 3, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 5 – Kingdom Great

Fear invites us to follow the path of self-preservation. However, if we follow that path long enough, we will neither preserve nor have anything to show for our lives. The original disciples of Jesus had the same tendencies at times. On one occasion, Jesus reminded them of what it means to follow him by saying four powerful words that still apply to his followers today. March 27, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 4 – Loophole Religion

From an early age, we learn quickly to look for loopholes in the rules. We try to figure out what we can get away with and still be okay. We tend to take this same mindset into our relationship with God, but it doesn’t work. When we opt for loopholes and workarounds, we find ourselves in a category no one wants to be in: hypocrites. Jesus calls us to move beyond loophole religion. March 20, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 3 – Flipping The Script

Whether it’s school, sports, or religion, when we focus only on the rules, it can be difficult to remember the overall purpose of something. Jesus reminds us that when we focus so much on the letter of the law, we may forget why the law was written in the first place. March 13, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 2 – Unsettling

Jesus ignored certain religious protocols. He claimed to have authority to forgive sin. He was uncomfortably comfortable with unrepentant sinners. In this message, we hear about three encounters that showed Jesus came to reverse the order of things. March 6, 2022

You’re Not Far, Part 1 – Write This Down

We often read the Bible for application, inspiration, or direction. However, there are times when the author wants to simply point the reader to a big idea—an idea that fits with God’s grand story. In the Gospel of Mark, we read about Peter’s experience with Jesus that led Peter to believe in one big idea: the kingdom of God is near, and everyone is invited to participate. February 27, 2022

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith – Part 4: Personal Ministry

If you have ever volunteered to do something for which you felt totally unqualified, then you already know what an experience like that can do for your faith. One of the primary ways God grows our faith is through personal ministry. In this lesson, we will explore the relationship between our faith and our service to others. February 20, 2022

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith – Part 3: Private Disciplines

In this session of Five Things God Uses To Grow Your Faith, you will be introduced to the role private spiritual disciplines play in the development of our faith. Drawing from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, Rich explains how God leverages systematic prayer and generosity to grow our confidence in him. February 13, 2022

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith – Part 2: Pivotal Circumstances

Life is full of surprises—some good, some not so good. But each unexpected event that comes our way is actually a divine opportunity. In this message, Rich explains the role that pivotal circumstances play in the development of our confidence in God. February 6, 2022