What Happy Couples Know: Sometimes You Have To Throw Things

As long as you think your spouse owes you, your marriage will be all about keeping score. That destroys intimacy. It destroys love. But what are we supposed to do about our hopes, dreams, and desires? October 13, 2019

What Happy Couples Know: It’s Mutual

We all enter into marriage with hopes, dreams, and desires. They create expectations. But when you put those expectations onto your spouse, it turns your marriage into a debt/debtor relationship. Your relationship becomes marked by the belief that your spouse owes you something. So, how do you keep your hopes, dreams, and desires from becoming expectations? October 6, 2019

Text: RYB!

For many people, the Bible sits on a shelf collecting dust in a lonely corner of their home library. Yet inside its pages, God speaks truths that not only inform our lives, but also transform our lives.
So why not be pro-active and take some steps to RYB (Read Your Bible)? In doing so, you put yourself in a posture to listen. And who knows… more times than not, He may speak to you in a way that changes your life. September 22, 2019

Text: 2G2BT

The Bible. Hundreds of people live by it. Thousands of people have their morals shaped by it. But how many people actually bother to read it? On the surface, the Bible may seem like an irrelevant book from an ancient time. But inside the covers, the Bible is a collection of books that tells a singular story of redemption, a message that is as relevant today as ever. It’s a story of a loving God that, when read, may seem 2G2BT (too good to be true). September 15, 2019

Text: ding

At the dinner table. During a church service. In the middle of a business meeting. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, we cannot ignore a text message. So you’ll discretely try to pull out your phone and read it. Why? Because they are personal. They are relevant. They convey immediate information. They are from someone you know.
We receive text messages on a daily basis. But are we reading the texts sent from God? September 8, 2019

Guardrails: Forever Yours

Guardrails keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off limit areas. We need personal guardrails so we don’t stray into areas of life that can harm us or the people we love. If there’s one area in which personal guardrails are most needed but also most resisted, it’s in our relationships. August 18, 2019

Guardrails: Proximity

Have you ever met someone that later you wish you’d never met? Is there a person you wish your husband, wife, son, or daughter had never met? Sometimes people are our greatest regrets because they influence us to ignore our guardrails and step into the danger zone. August 11, 2019